Rock Wool Panel Production Line

Rock wool Panel machine

5000 TPA Rock Wool Panel Production Line

The complete Rockwool board production line utilizes our latest innovation and design with the most advanced technology used around the world nowadays. The high speed centrifuge regulated by frequency inverter could ensure a better reduction in diameter of the rock wool. The high duty and powerful structure of the curing oven applies internationally optimized design and consideration. The electric parts are controlled by PLC and touch screen which could dramatically improve the reliability of the equipments. The speed of centrifuge and other parts, the water temperature and etc could be displayed on monitor which could be automatically diagnosed and easily maintained.

5000TPA Rock Wool Panel Production Line Specifications:

Max. length of production line About 100m
Max.height of production line 15m
Annual capacity Capacity 5,000tons per year, 0.8-1 tons per hour
Max.productive speed of production line 10m/min (adjustable)
Total installed power About 500KVA
Power supply 380V / 3 phase / 50HZ
Control voltage 24V/220V
Water flow 10-15 tons /h, circulating use.

Main Raw Materials and Fuel

Raw material 1.2-1.4 tons / 1 ton wool products
Resin 0.08-0.1 tons/ 1 ton wool products
Coke 0.3-0.5 tons/ 1 ton wool products
Natural gas 150 m3/ 1 ton wool products
Electricity 300 Kwh/ 1 ton wool products
Thermal shrinking film 16Kg/ 1 ton wool products

Rock Wool Board Specification

Width of Rock wool 600mm x 2pcs = 1200mm
Length of Rock wool 1200mm (adjustable)
Lengthened 29500*2100*2600
Thickness of Rock wool 30-150mm
Density of Rock wool 60-200Kg/m3

Rock Wool Panel Machine Application

rock wool board application

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