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The company to firt-class technology. frst-class products to provide customers from

product design, development, production, installation service to customer service.

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  • Phone:+86 18633925565

  • Telephone:+86 311-66500377

  • Address:Nanlv Industry Area and Fudong industry Area. Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, China

    WELCOME TO Guangxing Machinery

    Guangxing Machinery was founded in 1987, is specialized in the production of Sandwich Panel Line unit.

    We Offer Installation Guiding Drawings, Plant Design Drawings, 3D Drawings.

    We Offer Video Installation Instructions, Remote Mentoring Service.

    We Offer Pre-sale Consulting and After-sales Consulting Services.

    We’re Here To Help Your Business

    Through Creativity, Integrity & Innovation

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