PU Sandwich panel machine includes uncoiling system, film covering and cutting system, roll forming machine, preheating oven, high pressure foaming system, double belt conveyor, double belt heating device, cutting system, etc….The Sandwich Panel Press Machine adopts gantry lift-draw type, locates directly without any foundation. 2+2 type saves much time for panel preparation and discharge time which increase times of efficiency. The polyurethane foaming process of Guangxing can meet various needs of the construction industry. The products produced by Polyurethane Sandwich Panel Machine include: insulation board, sandwich board, etc

PU Sandwich Panel Machine

PU/PIR Sandwich Panel Machine can produce Polyurethane (PU) Sandwich panel, PIR Sandwich board with high density, excellent quality, any sizes for multifunctional used. Polyurethane composite board is widely used in metallurgy, petroleum, automobile, mineral processing, water conservancy and other aspects of materials, with strong elastic strength, excellent wear resistance and other advantages.

PU Sandwich Panel Machine

PU Sandwich Panel Machine Continuous Production Line is the equipment mainly for producing polyurethane foam board, which can produce various polyurethane fireproof insulation board with the surface layer of aluminum plate, color steel plate, non-woven fabric, kraft paper or aluminum foil. At the same time, it can also be extended to produce steel structure with steel plate sandwich panel, the thickness and width of the core material are customized according to the requirements of customers.

PU Sandwich Panel Machine Custom Factory

PU/PIR Sandwich Panel Line Features

Sandwich Panel Machine Features

1. Sandwich panel machine can product beautiful sandwich panels with high practicality, such as insulation, sound – proofing and flame retardance.

2. Hot air circulation furnace strictly controls pu foaming and solidification temperature in suitable range.

3. Precise measurement, high stability, little dust making of the high pressure foaming system protect worker’s health from harm in producing.

4. The pu sandwich panel line using 141B(or cyclopentane), instead of CFC as vesicant, PU foaming treatment becomes an enviroment-friendly production technology.

5. Special double belt conveyor design ensures flat surface, even thickness and anti-deformation of panels.

6. PU sandwich panel machine user-friendly design and simple operation control system: HMI together with PLC computer.

PU/PIR Sandwich Panel Line Panel Drawings

PU Sandwich Panel

PU Sandwich Panel

PU sandwich panels, also known as polyurethane sandwich panels, are widely used in the construction industry due to their excellent thermal insulation, high strength, and low weight. PU sandwich panel lines are automated machines that produce PU sandwich panels in a continuous and efficient manner. In this article, we will discuss what a PU sandwich panel line is and how it works.

What is a PU Sandwich Panel Line?

A PU sandwich panel line is a set of automated machines that are used to produce PU sandwich panels. The production line consists of several stages, including the preparation of the core material, the application of the adhesive, and the joining of the outer layers with the core material. The production line can be customized to produce PU sandwich panels of different sizes, thicknesses, and materials.

How Does a PU Sandwich Panel Line Work?


The first stage of the PU sandwich panel line is the preparation of the core material. The core material is typically made of polyurethane foam, which is cut to the required size and thickness using a cutting machine. The outer layers of the sandwich panel are typically made of steel or aluminum, which are also cut to size using a cutting machine.

The second stage of the production line is the application of the adhesive. The adhesive is typically a two-component polyurethane or epoxy resin that is applied to the core material using a spraying machine. The adhesive is spread evenly over the core material to ensure that it adheres properly to the outer layers.

The third stage of the production line is the joining of the outer layers with the core material. The outer layers are placed on top of the core material, and the sandwich panel is then passed through a set of rollers that apply pressure to the panel. The pressure helps to ensure that the adhesive bonds properly to the outer layers and the core material.

The fourth stage of the production line is the curing of the PU foam. The sandwich panel is then placed in a curing oven, where the polyurethane foam is allowed to cure and harden.

The final stage of the PU sandwich panel line is the cutting and shaping of the sandwich panels. The sandwich panels are cut to the required size and shape using a cutting machine. The edges of the panels are then finished to ensure that they are smooth and even.


PU sandwich panel lines are an essential component of the construction industry, producing high-quality PU sandwich panels in a continuous and efficient manner. By understanding what a PU sandwich panel line is and how it works, builders and contractors can make an informed decision about the best method for producing PU sandwich panels for their construction projects.

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