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About Sandwich Panel Machine

Sandwich Panel Machine is a piece of equipment used in the manufacturing of sandwich panels, which are composite building materials consisting of two thin skins or facesheets and a lightweight core material in between. The sandwich panel making machine is designed to produce these panels in a continuous process by bonding the facesheets and core material together under heat and pressure. Sandwich Panel Production Line includes uncoiling system, film covering and cutting system, roll forming machine, preheating oven, high pressure foaming system, double belt conveyor, double belt heating device, cutting system, etc….

About Guangxing Factory

Hebei Guangxing Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.was founded in 1987, is specialized in the production of sandwich panel machine unit, is a professional manufacturer of PU/PIR Sandwich Panel Production Line, EPS Sandwich Panel Machine, Rock wool Sandwich Panel Production Line, Rockwool Panel Machine, EPS Foam Machine and other Related Machines, Supply at factory price.

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