PU/Phenolic Panel Production Line, Zhenyou Automatic Phenolic Foam Panel Making Machine Supplier & Manufacturer in China, We offer turn-key service. This production line is widely used for phenolic insulation boards in a very wide range of sizes and different densities. Welcome to our customer factory, We will give you the best phenolic board production line solution.

PU/Phenolic Foam Board Production Line

Phenolic insulation panel uses closed-cell rigid foam as its core material finely formuated by mixing phenolic resin, anti-combustion agent, smoke suppressant, hardening agent, foaming agent and other additives. The laminated panel is between 20 and 30 mm in thickness, 1200mm in width, length determined by the customer. The same production line can be used to make insulating panels with different flexible facing layers.

Phenolic Foam Panel Production Line
Phenolic Foam Panel Production Line-02
Phenolic Foam Panel Production Line

Phenolic Foam Board Production Line Application

Phenolic plate

Phenolic Foam Board Line Production Process

Steel Plate Decoiling Machine → Roll Forming Machine → Preheating Room → Glue Coating Device → Double Belt System → Band Saw Cutting Machine → Cooling System → Stacking System → Packaging Machine

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