Rock Wool Board Forming Cutting System


Multi-station Electrical Lifting Wool Allocating Conveyor

Rock Wool Curing Oven Advantage

Advantage 1: Choice of models


Zhenyou rockwool curing furnace adopts foreign high-precision double-layer thermal insulation heavy-duty curing furnace from the first selection, which not only runs stably at a line speed of less than 10 meters, but also remains stable when the line speed reaches 22 meters during high-speed operation, and the rigidity of the chain plate frame Withstand the test of continuous production for many years

Advantage 2: High-precision and high-strength Frame Processing

Rock wool-curing-oven advantage

The connection end face of the frame, the guide rail installation surface, and the main shaft bearing seat installation position are all installed in one time and processed in sequence. Thereby ensuring dimensional tolerances and geometrical tolerances. The end of the gantry is milled and milled to ensure the accuracy of the length of the frame, and the cross-section positioning hole is drilled at one time. The accuracy of the connection point of the large frame is ensured through the center positioning hole of the large frame, so as to ensure the flatness of the guide rail of the large frame. The guide rail surface of each section of the upper and lower large frames is processed by gantry milling to ensure the flatness. The bearing installation positions of the active and passive sprocket shafts are completed by one-time installation and processing with the guide rail surface of the large frame.

Rockwool Panel Machine Application

rockwool board application

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