PU Board Making Machine

This PU Board Making Machine is widely used for Phenolic insulation boards in a very wide range of sizes and different densities. (Add PIR injection machine ,same line can also make PU/PIR board) It can meet customer’s production demand for various soft surface: non-woven fabrics, aluminum foil, glass fiber mat, craft paper, etc. Phenolic insulation board is with good flame resistance, low smoke formation ,stable elevated temperature property , non absorbent , thermal insulation, acoustic insulation ,anti-corrosion, good durability.

PU Board Making Machine

Phenolic Foam Panel Production Line
Phenolic Foam Panel Production Line-02
Phenolic Foam Panel Production Line Application
Phenolic Foam Panel Production Line-04
Phenolic Foam Panel Production Line-06
Phenolic Foam Panel Production Line-08
Phenolic Panel Production Line

PU Board Making Machine Parameter

Panel size 1200*600mm
Panel thickness 30~180mm
Middle material Phenolic
Surface Aluminum foil , Kraft paper, non-woven fabric, glass fiber mat
Material System Phenolic resin is the main raw material, according to the formula
Double Belt Press Machine 33M length
One Year Spare Parts As listed in the offer
Embossing Machine Optional choice – choose if needed
Automatic Stacking, Packing Optional choice – choose if needed
Automatic Cooling System Optional choice – choose if needed
Electronics PLC: Mitsubishi, Inverter: Danfoss, Low-voltage electrical appliances: Siemens
Panel Flatness
Machine Chain Plate Flatness ±0.05mm
Final Panel Flatness ±1mm
Machine Testing Before Deliver Seller can arrange machine testing before delivery

PU Board Making Machine Process

Phenolic Panel Production Line Process

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