Advantages of polyurethane high pressure foaming equipment

Sandwich Panel Foaming Machine
Sandwich Panel Foaming Machine

PU Sandwich Panel has six core advantages

1. A PLC programmable controller is used to control the task quickly and accurately.

2. Good thermal insulation performance and durability. With its unique closed-cell structure and high resistance to gas diffusion, polyurethane high-pressure foaming equipment achieves excellent insulation performance and outstanding thermal insulation, as well as outstanding corrosion and water resistance. Significant cost savings can be achieved by eliminating the need for additional insulation.

3. The flow rate can be adjusted automatically and the pipe itself can be cleaned to ensure smoothness of the pipe.

4. Light weight, large span and high load capacity. The polyurethane high pressure foam machine also has excellent thermal insulation properties. Its thin thickness determines most of the space saving of the building.

5. Consistent quality and excellent weather resistance. Easy and fast construction, no need to consider outside weather changes.

6. The mixing head of the high-pressure foaming machine is mainly made of alloy steel and is strictly controlled in several processes. With accurate precision, stable performance, neat appearance and durability, the service life usually exceeds 300,000 cycles. Fast mixing speed and uniform mixing.

7. The mixing head of polyurethane high pressure foaming machine is widely used in automobile, home appliance, furniture foaming machine and other industries, especially the two series of L type and T type are widely used.

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