PU Sandwich Panel Packaging Machine

Sandwich Panel-Packaging-Machine
Sandwich Panel Packaging-Machine

Sandwich Panel Packaging Machine Description:

Suitable for horizontally packing bar-shaped products by the use of thin plastic film or paper.

This machine is made up of the packer and roller conveyors in front of and behind the packer as well as the stacking conveyor .

An oscillating arm is equipped to grip and cut packing materials.

Before packing, if plastic film and padding are needed to put at the cutting ends and the bottom of panels to be packed, this process shall be done manually. Electric-heating filament is used to cut off the film.

Sandwich Panel Packaging Machine Parameter:

Specification of panels to be packed 14m (max. length)

1200mm (max. width)

1200mm (max. packing height including padding part)

Packing speed 0~8m/min, adjustable

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