Superior performance of polyurethane insulation board

PU Sandwich Panel

PU Sandwich Panel has six core advantages

1. Energy-saving insulation, core material closed-hole rate greater than or equal to 97%, superior thermal insulation performance

2.Flame retardant and fireproof, the product has passed the inspection of “National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for Fixed Fire Extinguishing System and Fireproof Components”, and the combustion grade has reached the standard of B grade.

3. Airtight sound insulation, good sound absorption, the impact of rain, hail, etc. and the sound caused by the effect of abatement

4. Green environmental protection, no formaldehyde, not subject to microbial attack, can be recycled.

5. Beautiful and economic, various surface forms, rich colors; reduce material loss, save construction time and project costs

6. Quick construction, polyurethane panels are produced in a highly controlled and constant temperature environment in the factory, with stable quality and fast construction.

pu sandwich panel application

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