Polyurethane sealing rock wool sandwich panel production line equipment production environment needs to meet the conditions

Polyurethane edge sealing rock wool composite panel production line equipment is different from other equipment, it has strict requirements for the use of the environment, so manufacturers in the use of equipment, must pay attention to its use of standards to ensure the efficient application of equipment. Polyurethane composite panel production line application environment standards.

Polyurethane sealed edge

Color steel equipment has T-shaped keel and L-shaped keel. At present, there is no national standard, and the product specifications produced by various manufacturers are also different. Simply talk about the connection between the keels: after the boom is fixed on the floor with the tension bolts, use the T-shaped keel hanger to connect the T-shaped main keel. If the T-shaped keel needs to be lengthened, connect it with a T-shaped keel at its interface. The parts are fixed, and the secondary keel and the main keel are connected by plug connection, so no accessories are needed. If the ceiling has additional load or a large area of ​​the ceiling, a U-shaped bearing keel is required, that is, after the boom is installed, the U-shaped bearing keel is required first. The load-bearing keel (main keel) hanger connects the U-shaped main keel to the boom, and then uses the T-shaped keel pendant to connect the T-shaped longitudinal keel to the U-shaped main keel.


A dry environment is the basic requirement for the application environment of polyurethane sealing rock wool composite panel production equipment. Why the use of the environment should be in a dry it? Because the equipment is a steel equipment, its material is easily affected by the moisture in the air. Long-term use of equipment, if the environment is too humid, will affect the normal use of equipment, and even lead to less equipment rust, reducing the use of performance. Therefore, manufacturers in the use of production lines, must ensure that the use of production lines to keep the environment dry, to avoid more moisture in the air affect the use of equipment.


The application environment of the production line must ensure that there is no pollution, only a pollution-free environment, so that the production line equipment can work properly. Production line work, itself will produce dust, long-term use of these dust will be to the inside of the equipment, will affect the use of equipment. Therefore, when using the equipment, users must pay attention to regular cleaning equipment to ensure that the equipment is not affected by pollution. In addition, the production site needs to be installed in the filter to ensure the quality of the production environment, to avoid pollution affecting the equipment.

3.Reasonable temperature

The temperature in the production line application environment should also be reasonable, although the temperature does not have a great impact on the equipment, but also to focus on. If the temperature of the production environment is too large, it will lead to the equipment in a long-term high temperature state, resulting in the equipment can not work properly.

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