PU Foaming Injection Machine

PU Foam Injection Machine
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PU Foam Machine Description:

This machine is used for metering and mixing two different raw materials in required ratio. In order to reach the technical requirements, there equipped with a cooling device and a temperature control device. Besides, this machine can control pressure and metering of materials, and it can control injection, cleaning and blowing by computer, too.

PU Foam Injection Machine Features:

1. Tank assembly

Including four 220L tanks with a jacket, two layers of stainless steel wall, and pipe-type filters; mixing power: 0.55kw×4; mixing revolution: 60r/min.

2. Pump unit assembly

Two internally-engaged gear pumps, two infinitely speed controllers, power: 3kw

Revolution and pressure digitally displayed.

Throughput is between 70 to 200g/s when the mixing ratio is 1:1.

Two sets of pipes are equipped.

3. Mixing head assembly

One high-speed mixing head with the mixing revolution of 4500r/min and the mixing power of 1.5kw, revolution adjustable by frequency variation; two pneumatic ball valves; automatic-cleaning installation with a 25L detergent tank made of stainless steel; and elevant cleaning valves and solenoid valves.

4. System of materials

One water-chilling machine of 5HP; suitable hydraulic solenoid valves and pipes and other valves; material temperature digitally displayed and adjustable through a changeover switch; one water-heating tank of 6kw is included.

5. Auto material-supplementing installation

Two pneumatic diaphragm pumps with level control switches.

6. Main electric control

One control panel adopting a PLC controller except the electromotor, air cylinders, electric heating pipe and solenoid valve and other executive components; the following parameters can be preset: injection time (setting at user’s will), cleaning time, air-jetting time, alarming time and injection, cleaning and air-jetting actions.

Optimized pipe System:

1.Adopt large diameter steam valve control , reduce heating time and energy saving.

2.Using balance valve or propotional valve to control the main steam pipe, with high and low pressure dual pressure control, to achieve double-sided penetration and different keeping ressure Different pressure setting , optimize the heating process, reduce steam energy con sumption

3.Large-diameter exhaust valve setting , shorter feeding time and more effective. 4.Compressed air is controlled by balance valve. The pressure is adjusted timely, largely reduce electric consumption

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