Double-belt Laminator System

Double-belt Laminator-System
Double-belt Laminator System

Double-belt Laminator System Description:

This part fixed on the continuous production line is used for the foaming, hardening, ripening and shaping of core materials of sandwich panels being laminated.

Double-belt Laminator System Features:

1. Constituents and specifications

The press comprises top and bottom conveyor belts, hydraulic lifting and pressure-keeping installations, etc.

a. Top and bottom conveyor belts

Laminating conveyor belts in the shape of a caterpillar include the driving chain belts, chain planks, rails and the box frames welded up by good quality steel removed from stress. Hi-precision rails are installed to support the rolling bearings holding chain belts. These wear-resistant rails are made of GCr15 alloy steel with the surface hardened to HRC50~55°.

Boxlike chain planks are finely made of good-quality aluminum alloy profile removed from stress with the mark of AL6063-T5. They are highly rigid and strong and are fixed onto big-pitch industrial chain belts by means of special roller bearings at the pitching points.

Chain belts are driven by the frequency-variable motor through a speed-reducer, transmission speed infinitely adjustable by a frequency inverter. Devices equipped on the sides of conveyor belts allow operators to tighten or loosen the left or right chain belt.

b. Hydraulic lifting and pressure-keeping installations

Installations here are composed of hydraulic system and devices to guide, raise or lower, locate and sustain top conveyor belt.

The bottom conveyor belt is fixed on the press’s base with multiple pairs of vertical rails to raise or lower the top conveyor with the help of oil cylinders. Thickness of sandwich panels depends on the clearance between top and bottom belt conveyors. On the vertical rails, locators and spacing blocks are arranged to position the top belt conveyor.

Hydraulic system includes the hydraulic station, pairs of oil cylinders and relevant hoses.

It works with low pressure to raise or lower the top conveyor belt and high pressure to sustain the belt. The system adopts an integrated design with all valves fixed on one hydraulic station.

Double-belt Laminator System Parameter:

Length of conveyor 18m

Center distance of sprocket 17.8m

Length of chain plank 1340mm

Width of chain plank 200mm

Height of chain plank 60mm

Foaming pressure bearable 0.6bar/cm2

Transmission power 4kw×2

Precision rails 3pcs×2

Power of hydraulic station 7.5kw for raising top belt; 2.2kw for sustaining top belt

Diameter of oil cylinder ∮80 mm

Number of raising cylinders 12pcs

Speed adjusting type frequency-variable

Maximum space between top and bottom conveyor belts 300mm

Working height of bottom conveyor belt 1200mm

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