Discontinuous PU Sandwich Panel Line

PU/PIR Sandwich Panel Production Line, also called polyurethane sandwich panel manufacturing line/production line/machine, is an automatic production line, which is consisting of decoiler, film coating, pre-cutting, cutting equipment, roll forming system, preheating, foaming, solidification, band saw cutting, cooling, stacking and packing. The PU sandwich panel machine is welded by strong steel plates which ensure high strength.Machine frame adopts heat – treatment which help release the welding stress and ensure machine non – deformation.

Discontinuous PU Sandwich Panel Production Line Main Technical Parameters

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PU/PIR Discontinuous Sandwich Panel Production Line Features

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1. Beautiful sandwich panels with high practicality, such as insulation, sound-proofing and flame retardance.

2. Hot air circulation furnace strictly controls PU foaming and solidification temperature in suitable range.

3. Precise measurement, high stability, little dust making of the high pressure foaming system protect worker’s health from harm in producing.

4. Using 141B (or cyclopentane), instead of CFC as vesicant, PU foaming treatment becomes an environment-friendly production technology.

5. Special double belt conveyor design ensures flat surface, even thickness and anti-deformation of panels.

6. User-friendly design and simple operation control system: HMI together with PLC computer.

PU Discontinuous Sandwich Panel Production Line Panel Drawings

PU Sandwich Panel Production Process

sanwich panel machine production process
sandwich panel machine working process

Steel Plate Decoiling Machine → Roll Forming Machine → Preheating Room → Glue Coating Device → Double Belt System → Band Saw Cutting Machine → Cooling System → Stacking System → Packaging Machine

Discontinuous PU Sandwich Panel Machine Application

Discontinuous PU Sandwich panel line application

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