Influence of Sandwich Panel Automatic Palletizer Equipment on Composite Panel Production

Automatic Stack Machine Sandwich Panel Machine

By 2030, around 800 million jobs worldwide will disappear as a result of automation. The advancement of artificial intelligence and robotics will have a huge impact on human daily life and work, even comparable to the second industrial revolution in helping humans transform from an agricultural society to an industrial society. In the U.S. alone, between 39 million and 73 million jobs will be replaced by automation, accounting for roughly one-third of the total workforce.

Sandwich panel automatic palletizer equipment

At present, most enterprises in the field of color steel composite panels still rely on traditional manpower to carry out repeated lifting and palletizing, which requires at least 5 people, and enterprises with larger production scales employ more workers, which is undoubtedly a problem for production enterprises. A huge expense. And there are certain safety hazards. With the emergence of sandwich panel palletizers, this series of problems can be solved easily, from automatic feeding, main machine compounding, to finished product cutting, automatic handling and palletizing, to the last aerial crane directly hoisting and loading, the entire production line can be up to 2 people Workers can complete production operations, which not only greatly improves efficiency, but also reduces labor costs and safety hazards, and no longer has to worry about labor difficulties, recruitment difficulties, and labor costs.

Manual palletizing machine

As an irreplaceable important equipment and means in advanced manufacturing, the application and popularization of industrial robots has naturally become an ideal choice for enterprises. The continuous emergence of robotic automated production lines has not only greatly enhanced the competitiveness of enterprises, but also brought significant benefits to users. The main form of the production line.

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