How to troubleshoot the pu color steel sandwich panel machine?

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Troubleshooting polyurethane color steel sandwich panel equipment: today for the polyurethane color steel sandwich panel full set of equipment in the foam machine parts for troubleshooting

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1. When you find a specific part of the polyurethane foaming machine has a fault, the monitoring point will send out an alarm signal, the display will immediately flash the mark to point out where the fault is, the program will automatically take the corresponding protection according to the fault place, such as shutdown, partial shutdown and stop injection, the alarm will sound alarm, the operator should be repaired according to the fault place.

2. If it is confirmed that the fault has been removed, the text of the previously displayed fault will disappear after the button is pressed, and the faults that have not been removed will continue to be displayed. It will not disappear until some of the faults are eliminated.

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Please rest assured that if the purchase is Guangxing’s machine, please be sure to remember: when the equipment issued a fault alarm signal, must not be easy to clear the fault, button pressed, first of all, to find out the cause of the fault display, and according to the information displayed, analysis of the causes caused more finally be able to use the polyurethane foam machine problem solved. If you still can not solve, just a phone call, we will all for you to solve good!

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