How to ensure the performance of polyurethane composite panels?

Polyurethane composite panel

Inevitably in the process of installing rock wool sandwich panels between the joints and other places using sealant to seal, in order to ensure the use of sandwich panels performance.

I. Advantages of using polyurethane composite panel

1, Polyurethane composite plate is now mainly in a variety of different groups of macromolecular compounds up to the effective production of. The elasticity of polyurethane composite panels is also very good, their hardness category in a certain condition, will have a better direction of development, the same polyurethane composite panels in the entire product yield is relatively small, but their elasticity is also very good, can be commonly used in various different industry sectors.

2, Polyurethane composite panels have a good airtightness, they are accepted in the entire roof panels are some different linking methods, the board is very tightly linked, with a special gutter plan, and can effectively prevent these rainwater infiltration, and better to avoid the phenomenon of cold bridge. Polyurethane composite panels will have a height of 40 mm, from a certain level, will greatly enhance the bearing capacity of the entire roof, and even to ensure that these buildings insulation results at the same time, then also can effectively reduce the construction costs of these customers, and the slope of the entire roof can reach about 3%.

3, PU composite panels in the actual process of processing, will have more linking methods, construction walls are very soft and gentle, they have excellent bearing capacity, strong body mechanical function is also very good, can effectively reduce the reliance on the entire steel structure, and insulation function is also very outstanding, so you can reduce the cost of these indoor air conditioning installations, more look at the surface of the The result, the whole wall will be very elegant, the same also comes with a certain skill advantage.

2022 pu sandwich panel

Ⅱ. Polyurethane composite panel introduction

Polyurethane composite panels are made by the addition of organic diisocyanate or polyisocyanate and dihydroxy or polyhydroxyl compounds. Polyurethane composite board is widely used in metallurgy, petroleum, automobile, mineral processing, water conservancy and other materials, made of organic diisocyanate or polyisocyanate and dihydroxy or polyhydroxyl compound addition polymerization, has the advantages of strong elastic strength, excellent wear resistance, etc.

Polyurethane composite board is made of polyurethane high pressure foam between the upper and lower 2 layers of color coated board. Because the polyurethane high pressure foam curing, so its stability is good, compared with the traditional insulation materials, its fire retardant performance is better, and light weight and high strength, polyurethane composite board is inserted between the board and the board, so the installation is convenient, smooth and elegant appearance. Whether it is used indoors or outdoors, it is very beautiful.

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