How to distinguish between tile press and sandwich panel machine?

PU Sandwich Panel
Sandwich Panel Line

Tile press is the iron sheet directly crushed and formed by the tile press used as simple building roof and roofing. Sandwich Panel Making Machine is a set of assembly line, including tile press / composite host / cutting system. The pressed product is called sandwich composite panel, as the name implies, the upper layer is iron, the middle layer is foam or rock wool and glass wool as a sandwich. It has the advantages of heat insulation and sound insulation.

Tile press machine adopts high strength steel plate through cold pressing, with uniform wall thickness, adjustable specifications, compressive strength and other characteristics. Through the cold-formed C-shaped steel, although its cross-sectional size is light. But it is extremely in line with the force characteristics of the roofing sandal, so that the mechanical efficiency of steel is given full play. Make C, Z steel sandals can reduce the weight of the building roof. Reduce the amount of steel used in the project. Therefore, it is an economic and efficient steel. It is a new building material to replace the traditional steel beam such as angle steel, channel steel and steel pipe, etc. The best choice for light steel building is to use C type steel beam with light metal tile.

The sandwich panel production line includes complete sets of equipment such as color steel plate unrolling, pressing, feeding (steel plate, polyurethane or rock wool), double track forming, finished product cutting, conveying, stacking, cooling (optional for customers), packaging, etc. It adopts microcomputer fixed-length counting device and new technology of field communication bus to realize continuous automatic control of the whole production line, thus making the production line easy to operate and reliable, which is the ideal equipment for producing polyurethane and rock wool sandwich panels with metal surface.

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