How to correctly Select PU sandwich Panel Foaming Machine

PU sandwich Panel Foaming Machine

How to choose the new polyurethane foam machine, is a lot of customers troubled by the problem, mainly with the progress of society, more and more diversified products dazzled customers, so can correctly choose the right product, especially important. This supporting polyurethane color steel sandwich panel foaming machine is the entire assembly line equipment is the crucial link, foaming is good, will directly affect the final product qualified, so customers buy a vertical to meet the efficacy of the foaming machine.

Guangxing Machinery is here to recommend three suggestions for you.

Choose a supplier with brand influence, for example, if they have successful experience in this area (how well it matches the process you require to produce).

Using your own knowledge of foaming machines, communicate with the supplier about the technology and gain more awareness from it, you will feel the professionalism of this manufacturer and the quality behavior of the company’s employees.

In the quotation process, go to determine whether the brand of accessories used by the supplier and the process ideas of the equipment are reasonable, and if the next communication has affected your desire to buy, then it proves that you have chosen the right manufacturer.

foming machine

About polyurethane sandwich panel foaming principle:

All of them introduce gas into the aqueous solution of foaming agent, but different types of pu sandwich panel foaming machines introduce gas in different ways. Knowing the type of foaming machine will know the way it introduces gas, which will be of great help to further understand its technical characteristics and use performance, and help producers to grasp the overall.

If you choose the low-speed mixing type is relying on slow rotating blades to introduce gas, the bubble yield is small and the foaming efficiency is low.

If you choose the high pressure gas introduction method, the size of the bubble diameter can not be controlled, the foam is not uniform; high pressure and low and medium pressure type bubble production speed, high efficiency, uniform and small bubbles.

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