What is the difference between rock wool, rock wool board and rock wool sandwich panel?

rock wool

Rock wool is the material, rock wool panels will be processed into panels, rock wool sandwich panels are composite panels made of rock wool as the core material. Such as rock wool sandwich panel.

rock wool panel

All three essentially belong to rock wool, but the shape and use are not the same. Rock wool board is widely used in shipbuilding, metallurgy, electric power, construction and other industries. This material is easy to construct and install, has significant energy-saving effect, and has a high performance-to-price ratio. Rock wool board’s can be used in industry, construction, ships, agriculture these four application areas.

rock wool sandwich panel

Rock wool sandwich panel is a kind of sandwich panel with rock wool as the core material. Because of its common performance in fireproofing, heat insulation and sound insulation is remarkable. Rock wool sandwich panels (prefabricated panels) are widely used in temporary housing and equipment rooms at construction sites because of their short manufacturing cycle and ease of disassembly and assembly.

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