What is pu sandwich panel machine?

pu sandwich panel machine

What is pu sandwich panel machine?

PU Sandwich Panel Machine complete set of equipment, mainly consists of uncoiling system, laminating and cutting system, forming system, steel plate preheating furnace, high pressure foaming system, double track system, double track heating system, cutting system, horizontal cooling system, palletizing system, packing system and a series of equipment, the main core equipment part is the forming system.

Polyurethane, known as polyurethane, is a generic term for macromolecular compounds with repeating carbamate groups in the main chain. It is made by the addition of organic diisocyanate or polyisocyanate with di- or polyhydroxy compounds.

Currently polyurethane foam is widely used.

It is generally used for the outer roofing board of buildings, which has good heat insulation, thermal insulation and sound insulation, and polyurethane is non-combustible and meets fire safety. The joint action of upper and lower board plus polyurethane has high strength and stiffness, and the lower board is smooth and flat with clear lines, which increases the interior beauty and flatness. It is easy to install, work moment and beautiful.

How pu sandwich panel production line works?

There are basically two ways of pu sandwich panel production line work process: continuous production and discontinuous production. At present, the continuous production process is suitable for enterprises with high production requirements, while the discontinuous production process is suitable for special shaped products that cannot be produced continuously, or the production volume is not enough to warrant investment in continuous equipment.

In the continuous production process, the materials used to make the sandwich panels are processed together at high speed, and the polyurethane foam is continuously sprayed between the uniformly moving top and bottom surface layers of formed material, where polymerization reactions occur to produce different forms of polyurethane sandwich panels. The cutting of the sandwich panels after they are fully formed is done to the desired length and the cutting process line is not stopped. The video shows the way of continuous production of polyurethane sandwich panels.

In the discontinuous process, the materials are handled separately, which means that the face materials are formed, cut to the desired length, and then assembled together into a laminator where the foam is injected between the face materials to produce a pre-determined shape of polyurethane sandwich panel.