The sandwich panel making machine includes complete sets of equipment such as color steel plate unrolling, pressing, feeding (steel plate, polyurethane or rock wool), double track forming, finished product cutting, conveying, stacking, cooling (optional for customers), packaging, etc. It adopts microcomputer fixed-length counting device and new technology of field communication bus to realize continuous automatic control of the whole production line, thus making the production line easy to operate and reliable, which is the ideal equipment for producing polyurethane and rock wool sandwich panels with metal surface.

Sandwich Panel Making Machine

PU/PIR Sandwich Panel Making Machine, EPS/Rockwool Sandwich Panel Making Machine can produce Polyurethane (PU) foam panel, Phenolic (PF) foam board with high density, excellent quality, any sizes for multifunctional used. Polyurethane composite board is widely used in metallurgy, petroleum, automobile, mineral processing, water conservancy and other aspects of materials, with strong elastic strength, excellent wear resistance and other advantages.

The Sandwich Panel Making Machine mainly includes three parts: pressing machine, foaming machine and laminating machine. In the production, the steel coil is unrolled into the press machine and cut off after pressing, and then manually placed so that the bottom board + top board + four building laminating mechanism into – a closed body, and then pressed through the roof mechanism, and then PU foam machine injection molding. While the two boards are injected with foam on site and cured, the other two boards are loaded and unloaded.

PU Sandwich Panel Machine
EPS Rockwool Sandwich Panel Machine
PU Sandwich Panel Machine Custom Factory
PU Sandwich Panel Machine Custom Factory

Sandwich Panel Making Machine Features

Sandwich Panel Machine Features

1. Sandwich panel making machine can product beautiful sandwich panels with high practicality, such as insulation, sound – proofing and flame retardance.

2. Hot air circulation furnace strictly controls pu foaming and solidification temperature in suitable range.

3. Precise measurement, high stability, little dust making of the high pressure foaming system protect worker’s health from harm in producing.

4. The pu sandwich panel making machine using 141B(or cyclopentane), instead of CFC as vesicant, PU foaming treatment becomes an enviroment-friendly production technology.

5. Special double belt conveyor design ensures flat surface, even thickness and anti-deformation of panels.

6. PU sandwich panel machine user-friendly design and simple operation control system: HMI together with PLC computer.

Sandwich Panel Making Machine Panel Drawings

Sandwich Panel Making Machine Process


Steel Plate Decoiling Machine → Roll Forming Machine → Preheating Room → Glue Coating Device → Double Belt System → Band Saw Cutting Machine → Cooling System → Stacking System → Packaging Machine

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